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Spring has sprung ...
... which means at least here in California that it's incredibly green and beautiful right now. Unless we get a lot more rain soon, everything will soon be dry again, of course, so we're enjoying it while it lasts. In England everything is wet and not yet quite green, as I discovered during a very short judging trip overseas -- there have been flooding and even mud slides, which I thought was something one didn't have to worry about over there.

We will have more about the Whippet Club championship show in the magazine. There were 336 dogs entered, which is a lot by any standards, but not even a record for England. The timing was not good to be away in the middle of final preparations for printing the Spring issue of Sighthound Review, but if all goes well it will be mailed out as planned early in April. (It was a VERY quick trip: leave LAX Thursday, arrive Heathrow Friday, judge Saturday, back home in the office by Sunday night ...)

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There are reports and photos from the big shows: Westminster, Palm Springs and Crufts. There's a fascinating, in-depth feature by Caroline Coile about the travails of the owner-handler, with questions and answers from a lot of successful Sighthound exhibitors. (In fact, the response was so great that we'll continue with more Questions & Answers in the Summer issue.)

There's a thought-provoking article by Denise Flaim about the controversial subject of crossing Sighthounds with other breeds - in particular the Greyhound/Mastiff cross that has been known to occur for centuries. Sir Terence Clark writes about Salukis and other Sighthounds in both ancient and modern Egypt: It was not until recent times that most people made clear distinctions between the different breeds. John E. Burchard has sent a report from the 2016 Grand Course, which is to the open field coursing crowd what Westminster is to show people, with great action shots accompanying the text.

How much do you know about the big-winning Sighthounds of the past? We are pleased to publish a never-before-seen list of the top winners in all-breed competition for every year all the way back to 1924. (That was the first year that AKC officially recognized Best in Show competition along modern lines.) There are photos of many of the top dogs as well, even some of the earliest winners ...

Patricia Gail Burnham writes more about Sighthound gait, Patience Renzulli talks about "The Big Wins" (which aren't necessarily those you'd expect), and a well-known Irish Wolfhound exhibitor makes a plea for supporting the all-breed shows: If the best dogs aren't seen at "regular" shows, how are newcomers and people in other breeds going to learn?

Many Sighthound fans don't read the all-breed magazine, so with special permission from Dogs in Review we will reprint some of my own articles in that publication. Many of them directly affect Sighthound exhibitors. We'll make a start with an article titled "Save Our Shows! How to Save the AKC All-Breed Shows" that caused a lot of interest when it was first published a year and a half ago. You decide if anything has changed since then - for better or worse.

There is also a dynamite letters section, where our readers get a chance to vent their feelings, a fascinating cover story, and of course as usual hundreds of beautiful photos of Sighthounds in ads from all across the United States and abroad.
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Winners at The Whippet Club's championship show in Coventry, UK, on April 2, 2016. From left: Best Puppy, Richclass King of Kings; bitch judge Bo Bengtson, USA; Bitch CC & BIS, Ch. Tylko Cobyco Paranoia; referee judge Molly McConkey; dog judge Wim Wiersma, Holland; Dog CC, BOS & Res. BIS Mulcair May Contain Nutz; Best Veteran & Res. Bitch CC, Ch. Palmik Magical Whispers.

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