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The Summer issue of Sighthound Review was printed and mailed out in the first part of July, just as promised … We already got our Priority Mail magazine here in the California office, but unfortunately we can't do anything about how long yours will take to get to you. That depends entirely on how efficient the postal delivery is in your part of the world; apparently it shouldn't take more than a few days anywhere within the U.S. and a couple of weeks worldwide, but whether that's really the case is not entirely clear.

If you are in a big rush you can pay $25 via the website and we'll send you a copy by Priority Mail anywhere in the U.S. ($35 to Canada/Mexico, $40 the rest of the world) … but trust me, the Summer issue is worth waiting for! At the last minute we even got a wonderful essay from Patience Renzulli ("The Old and the New"), and my editorial also has to do with "the old" in the sense that we're wondering how to "Preserve the Past" in this sport. Sighthound people care more about history than most, but a lot of priceless knowledge is lost every time an experienced and accomplished dog fancier passes away …

There's also all the good reading we've already written about: the "purebred" Irish Wolfhound controversy, Denise Flaim's interesting and potentially explosive article about how some of the Sighthound breeds aren't as closely related as we've always thought, Gail Burnham's views on "Cosmetic versus Functional Faults," and Sir Terence Clark's interesting information — with enlightening photographs — of how the the hunting Sighthounds' feet are protected (?) and adorned with henna in the Middle East. With assistance from some good friends I tried an experiment that's reported in "Old Dog Photos," Caroline Coile finishes her look back at Westminster winning Sighthounds, and Jutta Rübesam has been to Kyrgyzstan in search of the rare Taigan and returned with spectacular photographs.

As usual, there is a lot of overseas news. I'm writing about Sighthounds at Sweden's largest dog show weekend ever (more than 11,000 entries!), Anna Szabó sent a report and photos from the Italian Sighthound show at Padenghe and Magnus Hagstedt judged some world-class Whippets in Iceland. Both Jocelyne Gagné and Sally Stasytis judged Sighthound specialties in South Africa, there were more than 200 exhibits at the Finnish national Saluki specialty, and Denise Flaim judged a big Rhodesian Ridgeback entry in Germany …

Closer to home, there is also a report from the Hound Classic in California and from national specialty shows held during the spring or early summer by the American Whippet Club (text by Tracy Hite and Harold "Red" Tatro), the Scottish Deerhound Club of America (by Barbara Heidenreich), the Borzoi Club of America (by Helen W. Lee), the American Sloughi Association (by Erika Wyatt) and by the Irish Wolfhound Club of America (by Per Lundström from Sweden) … We even managed to get late news from the Saluki Club of America national specialty!

Finally, there's the letter section and scores of beautiful and informative ads from top Sighthounds in the U.S. and overseas. There's a beautiful cover and interesting cover story for the Rhodesian Ridgeback GCh. Juba Lee's Island Girl, JC and as usual a fascinating back cover story from the Wildisle Irish Wolfhounds.

Subscriptions to Sighthound Review cost $65 for a year in the U.S., $75 to Canada or Mexico and $100 to the rest of the world. The current issue costs $25 and back issues are $15 each, incl. Priority Mail postage in the U.S. ($35 to Canada and Mexico, $40 to all other countries. Discounts for multiple copies mailed to the same address!)

It's not too early to start thinking about the Fall issue - deadline August 15. If you want the whole world of Sighthound fanciers, including hundreds of AKC judges, to see your winner, there's no better place than Sighthound Review. A full page ad in color with all the trimmings (professional design, proof approval, complimentary advertiser's copy) costs only $250 — much less than any other comparable publication. A two-page spread costs $460, additional pages $210 each.


You can even get a special discount in every issue with an Ouch-Free Advertising contract with automatic low payments each month! Any questions, just send me an email!


BO BENGTSON, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

P.O. Box 10, Ojai, CA 93024


PS. The sad news that Kent Delaney, one of the best Sighthound judges anywhere, has died, reached us just as the Summer issue had gone to press. We'll try to collect pictures from some of the big Sighthound specialties that he judged for a tribute in the Fall issue.

We are already working on a couple of especially interesting upcoming features, including a presentation of one of the world's oldest and most influential kennels that has had unparalleled success in most countries, including the U.S., in several Sighthound breeds. We are also working on a tribute to three of the most influential Whippet sires of all time in the U.S.: Ch. Greenbrae Barn Dance, his son Ch. Morshor's Whirlaway and his grandson Ch. Misty Moor's Chalmondoley. Several fanciers who knew them have already shared of their memories, and we are hoping for more.



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