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Hello there, Sighthound lover!


         Can you believe winter is already almost here? Our end-of-year issue deadline is set for November 15th. This promises to be another great issue that will have normally dignified Sighthound people fighting over it…


         Be a part of the most respected Sighthound publication anywhere, and present your wins to thousands of fanciers worldwide, including hundreds of AKC judges, in the world’s most beautiful magazine for the world’s most beautiful dogs. It cost’s MUCH less than you might think…


         As usual there will be a LOT to read in this issue:


         • Editor-at-Large Denise Flaim is profiling one of the Sighthound world’s most colorful and experienced personalities, Cynthia Madigan: her Branwen prefix has been known in Afghan Hounds, Salukis and Wolfhounds for decades, first in her native USA, then in Spain and now in the UK.


         • Gretchen Bernardi reports from the very unique, very large — and very unofficial — dog show she puts on in her own “back yard.”


         • An article titled “The Eyes Have It!” by Dan Sayers will focus on how the Sighthound breed’s eyes differ from each other, with photos and Dan's own brilliant line drawings.


         • There will be another Breeder's Forum with questions to and answers from a couple of extremely successful Sighthound breeders.


         • How many Sighthound breeds are there? If you can believe kennel clubs around the word there are over 40! We have made an inventory with a list of all of them, with country of origin, affiliation and official status.


         • Neil Trilokekar writes about the still mostly unknown (in the West) Caravan Hound, as well as some of the other Asiatic Sighthounds from his native India, with an introduction by David Miller. (Ever heard of the Mudhol Hound? Poligar? Rajapalayam and Alaknoori?)


         • Caroline Coile writes about “Dewclaws — On or Off?”, Irene Terra reports from the Borzoi Conference in California in October, and Patience Renzulli has promised another of her wonderful stories about her Whippet, Mama Pajama.


         • There will be reports from major specialty shows for Afghan Hounds, Basenjis, Borzoi, Pharaoh and Ibizan Hounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Whippets, and (yes!) Italian Greyhounds, which we at SR feel belong to the Sighthound group. Several of the country’s most high-profile judges will share their experiences of judging the specialties.


         • We’ll also have news from Sighthounds at the Europe Winner show with photos of the BOB winners, as well as from other events both overseas — Australia, Italy, England — and closer by: the Del Valle specialties and AKC Eukanuba in Florida.


         Our ad rates are the lowest in the business: just $250 for a full color page including layout, $460 for a 2-page color spread, and $150 for a black & white page! New advertisers and ads for new champions get 10% off. We may also have some special preferred positions available, but they are going fast, so don’t delay. Other magazines charge a lot more for much less, so why waste your dollars?


         Trust me, it helps to be seen in the "best company," which is what SR is about! Contact our brilliant graphic designer Theresa M. Lyons at 908-256-9534 or email as soon as possible, or email me at the address below to reserve your space.


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         We look forward to hearing from you!/BB


Bo Bengtson

Editor-in-Chief, Sighthound Review

P.O. Box 10

Ojai, CA 93024


Finally, a magazine devoted solely to Sighthounds that's not just beautiful to look at, but filled with must-read articles and commentary from breed experts the world over!

Since its inception in 1984, SIGHTHOUND REVIEW has been known for its insightful stories, gorgeous layouts and influential commentary. And now, the most respected name in Sighthound magazines is back, with founder Bo Bengtson as editor-in-chief.

Our ad rates are unbelievably affordable ($250 for full-color ... before discounts). Our editorial content is better than ever -- engrossing features that will get judges and subscribers reading and reacting.

Editor-in-Chief Bo Bengtson
P.O. Box 10
Ojai, CA 93024

Graphic Design Specialist
Theresa M. Lyons
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