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Happy Spring -- sort of!

Hello, Sighthound lover!

Spring has sprung ... although frankly it doesn't look like spring here in California right now. After a mild and beautiful winter, the sky is overcast, it's cold and even raining as I'm writing this. The Southwestern part of the U.S. is in its fourth year of a severe drought, but forgive me if I'm hoping it won't be raining this weekend, when we look forward to seeing many of you at the Hound Classic outside Los Angeles.

These shows are always a highlight, although I feel sorry for visitors who are flying in wanting to experience a little California sunshine after a long and severe winter. Let's hope at least we don't get the hailstorm that closed down some of these shows a few years ago ... So much for the usually reliably wonderful weather around here!

The Spring issue of Sighthound Review has gone to the printer, and it depends on them and the USPS whether we'll have any new copies at the show. We are anxious to see the magazine and feel it's one of our best. If we don't have copies at the show, the magazine should at least be in the mail by early next week. I wish we could speed up U.S. mail delivery, but unfortunately we're not able to do that.

Here's a quick glance at what you can look forward to seeing in this issue:

 * Who Are the Sighthound People? An in-depth analysis of the several hundred responses to our "Sighthound Survey." What breeds do you have? How long have you had them? What activities are you involved in? How much do you breed and how often do you show? What do you like (or not like) about the shows and the judges? Etc., etc. - and we are also printing some outrageous (but interesting) comments and suggestions.

* There are show reports from Westminster and Crufts by Linda Souza, Denise Flaim and Simon Hansen, respectively, with lots of photographs from ringside by Jessica Bolander and Kayla Bertagnolli.

 * Speaking of Hound weekends, there's also a report from Palm Springs, where the Inland Empire Hound show is usually the year's biggest of its kind: 726 dogs made 896 entries. Let's see how many there are at the Hound Classic next weekend. We in California are lucky to have the two biggest-by-far Hound shows in the country right here!

* If you think we focus too much on conformation, you should see the great photos that Charles Alexander shares from the Grand Course 2015, together with text and results. There's also a lure-coursing basics feature, published with special permission for Sighthound Review by ASFA President Ping Pirrung, accompanied by wonderful action shots by Steve Surfman.

* More performance: Caroline Coile reports from an activity that you wouldn't think Sighthounds are particularly good at: Scenting. ("Have Nose, Will Hunt" in the title will tell you what it's about.) Yes, Sighthound can excel in this activity also, although it doesn't have anything to do with "sight."

* The photos from the coursing field are not the only exceptional images in this issue. By sheer accident we found some unique Sighthound shots by a photographer in Norway, Sissel Nystad. After we had contacted her she sent a whole bunch of unusual and inspiring photos of Greyhounds and Whippets playing, swimming, running in water, guarding a baby, playing Little Red Ridinghood, etc. etc. No surprise that Sissel turns out to breed Whippets as well, but she photographs all Sighthounds.

* There are also four pages of historical photos - 1930s to 1990s - from our own Sighthound archives. We have thousands of old photos and will dip into these files now and then. The images are accompanied by as much information as we can find about the dogs pictured.

* There's a new "Talking to the Breeders" feature from the Hallam Pharaoh Hounds, AKC's Breeder of the Year for achievements in lure coursing last year. We got another lovely article from Patience Renzulli, which is simply titled "I Dream of Precious." When looking through some things I wrote long ago I found one, titled "Survival of the Prettiest?" that I felt is still applicable and worth reprinting. We also have an article by Patrick Guilfoyle on the Azawakh and one from Russia about the two Tazy varieties, the Kazakh Tazy and the Turkmen Tazy. There are memorials to three great Sighthound specialist judges - Julie Holm, Joan Frailey and Dr. John C. Shelton. And as usual there are a lot of interesting and thought-provoking letters, plus, ending with the beginning, I was able to brag a bit in Opening Space not just about Sighthound Review winning the DWAA award for Best Magazine in its category but also about Editor-at-Large Denise Flaim winning for Best Article, which was published in Sighthound Review!

Oh, and the ads ... As usual, art director Theresa M. Lyons has done a spectacular job. There are so many wonderful photos and beautiful Sighthounds that you cannot fail to be impressed. We are also proud to introduce a new "Kennel Brochure" feature with a 16-page spread from a very well-known breeder who's highly respected both in the show ring and on the field. YOU could be the next one featured ... if you have the qualifications, of course!

Just as I was finishing writing this the sun peaked out again. Maybe it will be a beautiful weekend after all.

Have fun with your Sighthounds!

Bo Bengtson

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