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The Spring issue....

… of Sighthound Review was mailed out in the first part of January, just a few days' later than planned in spite of the difficult weather in California — during the wildfires we were evacuated from the office for a week!

There's a lot to read and look at in this issue. How long it takes to reach subscribers depends on your local post office and on where you live: anything from a day or two for some, up to six or eight weeks for a few overseas addresses.

As usual, there are hundreds of beautiful Sighthound photos from all over the world in this issue. Italy is much in the forefront, with Alex Riva's Irish Wolfhound champions featured in a fascinating cover story. There's a 15-page interview, illustrated with more than 60 fantastic pictures, with another Sighthound enthusiast from Italy, Bitte Ahrens Primavera of Sobers fame — Greyhounds, Whippets, Italian Greyhounds. She talks about judging Sighthounds, breeding champions and the difference between AKC shows and those in Europe. We have reports from both the AKC National Championship in Florida and the FCI World Show in Germany, with photos of all the Sighthound BOB winners. Denise Flaim visited the National Historical Museum in Great Britain and took photos of the Sighthounds featured in their displays. Anna Szàbo sends a report and photographs from the first-ever Greyhound World Congress in Norway, and there's information about the upcoming International Whippet Congress in Baltimore as well.

Patience Renzulli submitted one of her all-time favorite stories, "The Visit" — never published before, although it's already won an award from AKC. Part 2 of Caroline Coile's fascinating look at what the Sighthound parent clubs say about the AKC standards in their judges' education —sometimes not what's actually in those standards — is bound to create a lot of interest. Also about breed standards, Jill Bregy and John Lewington from Australia sent some interesting "Hands Off The Standard" contributions — the oldest one from 1934! There are reports from the Afghan Hound, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound and Rhodesian Ridgeback national specialties, with commentaries by Clare Boggia (including a presentation of her family's "doggy pedigree," which goes back to the 1890s) as well as by Valerie Hamilton, Justin Dannenbring and Denise Flaim. I took a lot of snapshots during a visit to a Sighthound show at the castle of Pompadour in France: there were 156 Whippets, 24 Sloughis, 10 Azawakhs and good entries in most of the other breeds also. (There was lure coursing as well — on a field right below the ancient castle walls!) And we got photos and results from a couple of Borzoi and Scottish Deerhound specialties in Australia…

There's a lot more. If you don't already get the magazine, click on "Subscribe" right away and take it from there. We'll start you with the Winter 2017/'18 issue as long as they last. Subscriptions cost $65 for a year in the U.S., $75 to Canada or Mexico, $100 to the rest of the world. A single copy of the current issue is $25 in the U.S., including Priority Mail postage. For foreign costs, please email me at the address below.


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