Frequently Asked Questions from Advertisers
"Your ads are the most affordable around! $250 for full color and $150 for black and white?! What's the catch?"

There isn't one. Our advertising rates are all inclusive. There is no extra charge for additional photos, advertising elements, flashes or bleeds. The professional, beautiful graphic design is included in the price.

Where will my ad be placed in the magazine? 

Almost every single page ad is placed on a right hand page, facing an article. To guarantee a position up front in the magazine you may pay $50 extra per page for "preferred position." We welcome inquiries about special ad placements, covers (outside or in, front or back), fold-outs, etc. You will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine with your ad (provided that you submit your mailing address of course!). 

What's this "Ouch-Free" Advertising about? 

Essentially, Ouch-Free Advertising is an installment plan that makes planning a year of full-color advertising simple, painless and extremely affordable. You agree to advertise in four consecutive issues of the magazine, and we bill your credit card $70 for 12 consecutive months for a single color page, or $130 per month for a two-page color spread.

In this way, you make a monthly payment that guarantees a full-color ad in a year's worth of issues at the lowest rate possible: $210 for a full-page color ad (compared to $250 regular rate), or $390 for a color spread ($460 regular rate). PLUS you get a year's free subscription (at least a $65 value).

New advertisers receive 10% off their ad. And our New Champion ads are also 10% off. (So just $225 for a color page!) Discounts cannot be combined.

To learn more about Ouch-Free Advertising, contact Sighthound Review.

How do I inquire about a cover position? 

Our covers are very popular, and there usually is a waiting list for any given issue. That said, advertisers can and do change their minds, so we encourage anyone who is interested in a cover to contact us directly. We can let you know when our next cover is available, or how to get on the waiting list for a pending cover featuring your breed. 

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