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“The Open Door,” painted by Briton Riviere (1840-1920). The Greyhound is Sir R. Buchanan Jardine’s Long Span, winner of the Waterloo Cup in 1907. The painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in 1915 and was presented to the Kennel Club by F. N. Picket, Esq. This life size painting now hangs in the large dining room of the Kennel Club, London.

Welcome to Sighthound Review!

Perhaps you were like me, not really interested in reading anything except the printed word? I'm pretty old-fashioned in many ways: I still read the daily newspaper at the breakfast table, I enjoy reading the dog newspapers that still arrive in droves by mail, and I usually read myself to sleep with a good book at night — but I have to admit I've changed my habits quite a lot since Sighthound Review went digital. There were several things I liked about the internet already — email! Google! Wikipedia!! — and working on this first issue of digital Sighthound Review has given me a new appreciation for reading on the internet. I'm hoping that you will enjoy the digital magazine as much in the future as when it was mailed in its printed form in the past.

         There are some obvious advantages to digital publications. One is the cost: there's no printing bill and no mailing costs, which means that we can charge a lot less for subscriptions — less than a third of the earlier rate if you're in the U.S., almost 20% if you live overseas. (Even without paying $19.99 for a subscription you can browse a lot of the site, click on the ads and read a sample article.) Another advantage is the time factor: instead of waiting for days or weeks for the magazine to turn up in your mailbox, an internet publication is available immediately, wherever you are. Whether you live in California (where the Sighthound Review office is located), anywhere else in the U.S., in Canada or in some distant foreign land, as long as you have access to the internet the magazine is available instantly, wherever you are, at the click of a button.

         There are other advantages. With no page format that we must stick to there's no limit to how long an article can be, or how many illustrations we may use. If something turns out to be incorrect or incomplete we can make the necessary change immediately instead of waiting three months to print a correction or addition. And the digital Sighthound Reviewis said to be "live" for a reason: we'll make updates, make changes and add new data — and articles — to the digital Sighthound Review's Fall 2019 issue on a regular basis. If you visit in a week you will see that some things have been added … so that a digital magazine never looks quite the same.

         I can't take much credit for the look of digital Sighthound Review. It made sense to let younger people who know more about the internet than I do deal with the digital requirements, and I am very grateful to Jayn Walter and Christopher Cantù for all their help. Both will stick around and deal with uploading the ads, leaving me free to deal with the editiorial part of the magazine, which is what I enjoy most. (Many of you know Jayn already from her part-time job as our office manager; her husband, Chris, also helps with the dogs on a regular basis.) Our graphic designer, Theresa M. Lyons, who has done beautiful print layouts for Sighthound Review for years, has also designed most of the digital ads. This is a very different ballgame from print advertising: we're all still learning, and with Jayn's and Chris' help we'll soon be able to introduce various refinements, slide shows, etc. in the ads in the future. (If you have any questions about advertising, please email us!)

         Please be aware that we'll be able to accept far fewer ads than in the past, so reserve your advertising space as soon as possible.

         I hope you will enjoy this adventure in digital publishing. Sighthound Review has been around since 1984, and we want it to remain the gathering place for all matters that concern the most beautiful, and the most wonderful, of all breeds!

         If you have any questions or comments I look forward to hearing from you.


PS: If you want to read a print magazine, we do have copies left of some Sighthound Review issues from Summer 2019 and earlier. One copy costs $15 if we can mail it to a U.S. address, or $30 for three issues, Priority Mail shipping included. (We're happy to check overseas postage to foreign addresses, but it's not cheap. It's one reason we've gone digital!) 


CLICK! Click on the links that will take you to more information about the highlighted subject, or on the headline to read the entire article. The links are often underlined and/or set in a different color than the rest of the article. Also, click on the advertisements to view a larger version of each page! To those who are used to the internet this will be second nature, but a large number of readers are not … and being able to use digital Sighthound Review efficiently will add considerably to your reading pleasure.

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